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iLoveKickboxing has become so much more. It's where you'll find community among positive, inspiring men and women who fight every day to make their bodies, and their lives, better and better. It's a place for accountability where passionate instructors really do care about you and your goals - and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve them. And it's a home for motivation and becoming a better you.

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Phone: (845) 246-5425
Email: ilovekickboxingsaugerties@ilovekickboxing.com

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Get lost on purpose in this beautiful, historic and soulful area in the heart of the Hudson Valley.

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Posh hotels, retro-inspired inns, tricked-out cabins and cozy B&Bs are just some of the lodging options.

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Find an abundance of fine restaurants, acclaimed chefs, hand-crafted beer and wine, and award-winning spirits.

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About Saugerties

One of America’s coolest small towns, Saugerties boasts a vibrant village filled with antique stores and vintage shops, and ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

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